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you have both
are you an opera singer yet?
but now i've said too much
teenage discomfort at parties
i'm a little creature
your ugliness is a badge of honor
forgetting your name
dad i wanna die
i scared my parents
i ate something
a revolution
if my face
your songs splinter and their shards strike at many points
i want my old foolish heart back
you will be rewarded for your insolence
sometimes when someone says
how did they become tight-knit
your tears turn to icicles
you've never told
we're in a movie theater
you make me cry
you don't need to tell
i used to always say "don't worry"
there are things you can't tell her
scurry through the brush
when you speak from the heart
there's less here than meets the eye
when expertise becomes
the bar stool is broken
they talk to you
a fine line between
say hello
i am literally
remind me to
there were some things
i'm buying props
we are animals that fuck
stop it.
this song is another song
it's more sacred now
what if i said
he sits at the edge of the group
the joke is on someone but i can't tell who
secret message
everyone i've met who's from a small town
i would like to be
they're grownups, they're allowed to write poems
art school
friends are supposed to talk
spit drums
pit cows vs bulls
everybody thinks
she believes in me
act con
cold ring warm hand
we never got to go out
you're my best friend
don't kiss me or i'll kill you
i'm progress
inability to speak
arnell damasco
i can't be
i'm afraid someone will take me seriously
i hate to call myself anything because i'll become it
the weak really die
don't think more than twice
i'm just a conduit
you make dying desperate and alone
bust out a poem
goodbye cruel world
the saint you adore
how can i be sure
don't insist
pay for something
sad about people
i could die with you, song
you don't know me you don't but
gott in himmel
i miss the sad sack i was
there is an autumn missing
now i rescue
oh you're
i'm everywhere at once
when my face is a sculpture
she's adorable
musicmaking is magic to you
addie you can
i wanna be matthew broderick
sitting down, neither calm nor seething
there are two ways to learn
you're the greatest
i am outside the anxiety of if
brash alexie
admire the position
the more i'm away
i can find you
if this is going
the missing days add up to a month
tell me what you want to do
i scour my journals and sketchbooks