Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Snow Day/Shrew Day

Today school was canceled for both Shannon and Danielle. So they got to sleep in a bit (I had some illustration work to do in the morning). I made pancakes and we had them with nutella and strawberries. Yum.

Then we made a video of ourselves making ice cream cupcakes for a film that Jack and Jazz are making. Before and during the filming, there was a shrew poking around the kitchen, which had us on edge even as we had fun mugging for the camera and making the dessert. We kept a plastic lid over this hole in the kitchen counter where he occasionally poke his head out.

After eating some cupcakes (and playing Carcassonne), we watched Good Night and Good Luck.

Then I went into the kitchen, where Boo had discovered the precise location of the shrew by the fridge. I watched him crawl up the side of the fridge and onto the counter, then I caught him in a plastic tub. We eventually got it outside, where I took it to the barn for Otis to do something with. But when I tossed the shrew, Otis didn't really perceive where he landed (he's not very perceptive in general). So I watched the shrew just readjust to his new surroundings and saunter off. So I guess everybody wins.

Right now Danielle is making some of her patented pizza. It's really good - I can't wait!

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