Saturday, February 24, 2007

Una sorpresa

Yesterday was my birthday. I had work that day, but it was a pretty easy day, much of the afternoon consisting of just stuffing envelopes. My boss sent us (the two of us, plus her son) home half an hour early because it was starting to hail and some nasty weather was predicted. Shannon had me get some chips and dip and stuff from the grocery store.

When I got home, much to my surprise, Shannon and Danielle were lying in wait to shout surprise amidst a Star Wars- and Lego-themed house! There were posters of Star Wars scenes all over, with word balloons saying quotes from the movies ("They're animals!") or just random stuff ("don't hold your light saber that way, it looks perverted!","I'm 28 and at the top of my game" said Darth). There was a table with jelly beans, nuts, chips, veggies, and a big ice cream cake (my favorite kind of cake) with a Star Wars image on it. There was also a big pile of presents that included two Lego Star Wars sets and the Lego Star Wars game that I have been pining after for months!

Pretty soon Richard and his son Sammy arrived, and then Marge and Jon and their son Jonathan, and then Shannon's family. We had a blast, playing video games and putting together Legos and eating cake. I got some great presents, like a huge book on Van Gogh; a portfolio of concept artwork from the original Star Wars movie from Richard that he said he'd had since 6th grade (he also said that he was in the Star Wars fan club when he was a kid); a huge Star Wars drawing and an original Lego ship by Sammy; a big tub of Legos; and a huge mp3 cd from Kate (that I'm listening to right now - currently it's a set of Who songs). Amber brought Guitar Hero, which I'd never played before, and everybody had fun trying it out. I also got to talk to some of my family who called.

I'd say it was one of the best birthdays I've had. I felt a quarter of my age. I'm going to get back to putting together my X-wing.

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