Tuesday, April 28, 2009

the wedding

Went to Columbus last weekend for my sister Kate's wedding. It was really fun. I got to sing a song ("More Than Words") in the ceremony. I got a little choked up right before I went to pick up the guitar, so I didn't play or sing perfectly, but I think it went all right.

Kate and Chris compiled a great selection of music for the reception. Their first dance was to a David Bowie song I didn't know. They had some classics and some semi-obscure stuff, all good for dancing.

I am super happy for both of them.

We got to reconnect with my whole immediate family, which doesn't happen too often. Our nephew Mason has grown a lot since we saw him in October, and he's got huge, take-it-all-in eyes and a delightful giggle. Our niece Naomi is bubbly and super smart and, according to them, really good at playing her parents against each other.

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