Sunday, February 8, 2009

housework / INA

Shannon's parents are here doing work on the house (we are helping any way we can). Shannon's dad has been here nearly every day this week fixing the plumbing upstairs and doing a ton of little important things like getting our doors to shut properly and right now he's making a laundry chute from upstairs to the basement. (A washer and dryer are forthcoming.)

So we have an upstairs bathroom now and we're stoked. No more bleary-eyed stumbling down the basement stairs to get ready for work.

This weekend we went to Des Moines for the Iowa Newspaper Association convention, where we attended several information sessions, a luncheon and the awards banquet. The keynote speaker at the luncheon was Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul and Mary! He was really cool and inspiring, and he got the audience singing along with him to "Puff the Magic Dragon" (to which he added an extra verse that lessened the sadness of the original), "If I Had a Hammer", and "This Little Light of Mine".

At the awards banquet, Shannon won an award for best ad designer in her class (weeklies with a circulation between 1400 and ... something), which was well-deserved.

We had some good conversation with a couple we know who are also involved in Shannon's spiritual formation group. Their newspaper won a ton of awards.

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