Sunday, June 17, 2007

Games and Dining Out

Played way too much Halo 2 with Lawrence and Pastor Pete. Shannon was bored and I feel bad about it. Probably won't happen again (unless I bring the Gamecube so we can play Mario Kart or Smash Bros).

Had deer rib sandwiches for dinner at the in-laws. Yum. Called Dad (late) but no one was home.

Saturday we went to Tokyo, a Japanese restaurant where they do tricks with the food and cook it in front of you. The coolest was a volcano made of slices of onion, first shooting a flame five feet high and then a jet of steam. The food was delicious as well. We got a lot of information from the cook since Bill likes to chat with anybody within earshot. It made the experience more fun.

In the bathroom I put water in my hair to mat it down. When I came out, Amber aked, "Did you give yourself a swirly?" which instantly got added to the insult lexicon. Shannon emerged from the bathroom saying "I looked down and I was peeing on Caitlin's face!", referring, of course, a grad photo of a student whose graduation party we'd just attended that day.

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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Missing months

I didn't write about going to Amsterdam and Berlin, but Shannon did a much better job of it here.

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Friday, June 15, 2007


Shannon and I have a show up at a coffee shop in Elkader. Today we were interviewed for an article about us for the paper. It feels good to have some work out there for people to see. We were seated nearby our wall in the coffee shop during the interview, and we saw and overheard some people who were looking at our work and talking enthusiastically about it. Neat.

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