Friday, November 24, 2006

Thanksgiving and other November stuff

Thanksgiving was good today. We went to Larry and Andrea's (right across the farm) for dinner in the afternoon. Their daughters Liz and Amanda were there with their families. We've seen Liz (and Lantz and Liberty, her children) for the past two weekends in Rochester, but it was great to see them again. The food was awesome. It was distinct from my own family's food but excellent in its own way. We took lots of pictures.

Then we went to Amy and Rex's for the evening. They had friends over, so there were lots of kids running around. Well, actually we came in to everyone sitting making Christmas ornaments out of sculpey clay. I made a gingerbread man, a cupcake, a candle, and the two characters I draw for CG. We hung out, ate more food, and I drew some of the kids. I drank two cups of coffee and ate a piece of pumpkin pie at each house we were at. I also caught the second half of The Pink Panther, which the kids were crazy for.

We had early Thanksgiving in Columbus with my family the first weekend of this month. It was awesome because we got to see Naomi (and Phil and Teresa) again as well as my Mom's whole side of the family. Not much of our family was actually going to be home today, so it was better for us to go then. It was lots of fun. Phil brought the new Lego Starwars game, and now I totally want it.

I think I missed some other stuff that happened recently... Tuesday of last week (the 14th) we saw Savion Glover in Cedar Falls. He did a tap show set to classical music, and it was completely amazing. I was almost crying at times. We were in the third row, so it felt really intense, seeing Glover sweat and seeing the dust coming from his feet. But he almost always smiled! After the show we went to a great martini bar and had some delicious, cleverly-named concoctions.

As mentioned above, we were in Rochester the past two weekends. The first weekend was an overnight stop on our way up to the Twin Cities. In St. Paul we stayed with Debbie, who has a cool house we had't been to before and a Hungarian boyfriend we hadn't met before. They're quite serious, apparently. We also got to hang out with Shannon's friends Sarah, Rae, and Anne, who are all really cool. We brought our boarder, Danielle, with us to go to a portfolio review at MCAD on Sunday. We were somehow misinformed of the time of the event, so we missed almost half of it, but we still got in to talk to a few schools. Danielle is barred/has barred herself from drawing manga/anime for a trimester, for the sake of branching out into other methods of depiction.

Last weekend we went up to Rochester with Liz's parents (Larry and Andrea) to see Liz and Lewis' new house in the country, north of Rochester. They haven't completely moved in yet. Shannon's family and Amy and Rex's family came up too, and we hung out at their hotel, swimming and playing board games, and went shopping and eating and such. That Sunday, for me, mostly consisted of playing with ice chunks with Lantz.

We've been to Cedar Rapids Falls several times this month, usually because of computer problems. But at least we got to have martinis and eat good sushi.

I have hardly had time to work on my solo album. I've only recorded two songs, in fact (one was a collaboration with Shannon called "Anime Strike").

I'm always forgetting something.

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