Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Joanie by Jaime

Joanie, originally uploaded by inhaler97.

Jaime found me on Flickr. Here's a maybe better image of his photo of Joanie.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Degree show images

Tonight I documented my two pieces in the show and also took more pictures of other people's work. Here are mine:

Maybe Tonight


And in alphabetical order, some others' work (I hope they don't mind my reproducing them here):



Amelia and Andrew












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Neglected to write about the weekend.

So on Thursday afternoon there was a faculty walkthrough of the show - basically, you stand by your work and they talk to you if they feel like it. I had a really good talk with Tony, and it made me feel like I'd actually accomplished a good, finished drawing.

The opening was Friday and it was pretty fun. There was food and drinks at Milles House beforehand, and I had some good conversation with people, especially Heather, later at the museum. I told Ben and Ayami about the dream I had where the three of us were on a roadtrip. It might have been because the night before, Ben stopped by my room to borrow a Simpsons dvd and we talked a little about Kerouac.

Mike was at the opening, as well as a lot of graduates from last year. I was at the museum for about three hours. I got a good look around at all the work and I'm proud to be in this show.

Lounge was packed with friends and family, and there was an excellent DJ. I had a good time but I was feeling wistful, and I probably stayed too late or left too early, I can't decide which. You know who are amazing, though? Top and Book, the guys from Thailand - they have such tremendous enthusiasm and energy. They're so friendly that you can't help but smile. They both gave me big hugs when saying hello and goodbye that night, like we were best friends.

Saturday I went to breakfast at lunchtime with Mike at the Whistlestop (only my second visit there) and then we went to see Sara at an art gallery where she works. The gallery was showing work by Lynda Benglis, whom I hadn't heard of but is apparently famous, silly me. We ran into George, the museum preparator, and his wife. I had found out earlier that he is a fan of Arrested Development so I told him how it was a big influence on my drawing in the show.

Mike and I went back to Cranbrook so he could see Heather for a bit, then I took him to the train station for his ride back to Chicago.

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Monday, April 25, 2005


Saw The World's Greatest Sinner at the DIA tonight. On the way in to the theater I was stopped by a man who asked me to take a picture of him in front of the theater. He said, "Don't worry, it's my movie, they can't start it without me." I was confused and took the picture, and then he clarified that he was Tim Carey's son Romeo, and we went inside. Sure enough, he was introduced by some guy on stage and came out to talk about his dad before they showed it - an anecdote of his interaction with Bill Kennedy when he visited Detroit.

There was first a half-hour montage of clips from interviews and films Carey appeared in, which was a nice introduction to him, if a bit long. Then the film started and it was really strange. It's so no-budget, has such awkward editing, and leaden performances from all but a few of the characters, but Carey is such a captivating presence that it's easily forgivable. There are a lot of laughs, some probably less intentional than others, but eventually the emotional power of the spiritual theme of the movie pushes them aside. A great flick. Unfortunately, it's not available on DVD or anything because Romeo doesn't want it to be exploited by distributors, so he just brings it to cities who invite him and screens it.

Afterward Romeo came out to talk some more, but it was mostly awkward and uncomfortable, so I left.

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Thursday, April 21, 2005


Cool, I'm done installing my work. I had much needed help from George the preparator yesterday and Jason and Roland today. A scroll is on one wall and a drawing is on the other. I'll put up pictures after I take some. There's a lot of good work in this show; it's exciting. I guess I should buy some nice clothes to wear to the opening tomorrow; Reniel already took care of that for himself weeks ago.

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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Degree show

The degree show is being installed this week. I wil probably install tomorrow or the next day. The opening is this Friday. I like the postcard for the show (above), although my picture isn't the best one of me. I'm in the second to last row, fourth from the right. Reniel, my roommate, is 5th row, 4th from left. And there are a lot of other friends in there too. I wish you could meet them all, dear reader.

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Sunday, April 3, 2005

Kill / Roll

Friday night I went to the so-called "Gentlemen's Primary", a Halo 2-fest Chris organized at Bridget and Nick's house. I had only played Halo once before on my computer last year and I didn't like it, but it was lots of fun on the Xbox. We had a TV downstairs with two players and one upstairs with four. It was Chris and one rotating teammate against the four upstairs. We took a break from killing each other to have some of Aaron's secret recipe enchiladas and we also played a little Katamari Damacy, which was harder than I expected but also as fun as I expected.

Yesterday Matt and I went to CPop to see the Dunny show (Here's Kid Robot's site for when the show was in NY, as CPop seems to be having difficulty paying their bills). There was some good stuff but also some really dumb stuff. There was supposed to be some kind of paintball shooting, but we didn't stick around long enough for it, I guess.

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