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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Brook the biker, couchsurfer

We hosted our first couchsurfer at this house yesterday. Brook is cycling across the country and we were her stop after riding 78 miles, much of it in pouring rain. Here is her post about yesterday, including a picture of Brook, Shannon and I plus Frederique and Brian.

Brian sprained (broke?) his ankle yesterday, so I was called in to cook in the evening at Schera's. I've been working there a couple days a week for about four weeks now, so I've learned how to make most everything on the menu. The night went pretty well - it got busy early but it not insanely so. Brian had to get up a couple times to help out but for the most part it worked for him just to direct me on stuff I didn't know/remember how to do. Hopefully he'll be able to stay off that foot for a good amount of time and recover quickly.

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i love hosting couchsurfer-type people.

we had a guy from vancouver stay with us on the first night of his bike trip around lake erie. here is his journal on crazyguyonabike that mentions us:

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