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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Recent happenings including the start of year 2

Two weekends ago was our anniversary. We went to Wisconsin and had adventures picking apples and driving around cranberry marshes. Shannon has a good telling of it. I will add that on the day we came back, we hung around Prairie Du Chien a little bit, had lunch and went to a toy store, where I bought replacement marbles for my Frigits set. We also stopped at a hip store in McGregor, which had great toys and books as well as hornets aplenty on the third floor.

This past weekend my parents came to see us. (Shannon covered this too.) They came from Milwaukee, where they had visited my sister Joy. We had a good time; they stayed in our recently renovated (read: painted) guest room. We caught them how to play Carcassonne. We went to a festival called Osborne Heritage Days, where we had buffalo stew (yum) and homemade root beer (yum!). Later we hung out at Shannon's parents' house, where all the family was. It was lots of fun. My dad watched two Cardinals games the two nights they were here. The second one was a disappointer.

They left Monday morning, then I had a job interview at a daycare. It was fun to sit in with the 2-3 year-olds. I think it went pretty well. I'm still applying to other places as well.

Yesterday we took an impromptu trip to Waterloo and saw The Departed, which was very good, if nerve-wracking. We ate at the Chinese restaurant and it was delish as always. We bought some gifts for people at a store nearby.

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