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Monday, August 28, 2006

Boston weekend two

The second week went even more smoothly than the first. Naomi was slightly cranky on Monday, but in general very happy during the week. She is lots of fun to take care of, and we have some entertaining photos and video to show for it.

On Saturday we finished where we left off walking on the Freedom Trail, taking a tour of the USS Constitution ("Old Ironsides") at the end of it (we skipped Bunker Hill, whose monument we could see in the distance and dismiss as a Washington monument knock-off).

We also got to walk through the St. Anthony's feast festivities. We had some greasy, hot-on-the-outside, cold-in-the-middle calzones. There were nice decorations on the streets, though. And we had some free ice cream.

We walked along Newbury and went to some record stores and gift shops. The record stores kind of made me ill, because I am overwhelmed by musical choices. We bought some smooth'n'melties from a place called Sugar Heaven. There was a clothing store set up like a bakery called Johnny Cupcakes - a store all about image.

Sunday we went to a rainy Cambridge for a Caribbean carnival celebration. It was neat to see a lot of dancers and hear some great music (recorded as well as live), but the dampness put a damper on things. We got to meet two of Phil and Teresa's friends and had some Thai food (the Jamaican food line was three times as long as any other).

Today we visited Haley House, which has served the poor of South Boston with food and social justice programs since the '60s. Shannon found it as a possible place to live/volunteer, if we end up staying in Boston. We got a little tour of the very vertical building and a bit of an idea of what the place is like.

We have realized that Boston is in fact a small town. It takes very little time to get from one point to another. I don't think it would have occurred to us if we hadn't been living here for a few weeks.

This weekend we are going to New York. We will either stay at my other brother (Ted)'s place, although he will be out of town, or with friends of mine. I am kind of nervous because I have never been there. I am afraid of being intimidated from awe or of being disappointed.

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