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Monday, August 21, 2006

Boston weekend one

On Thursday Teresa took us to an infant CPR class, which was good and helpful. The methods for CPR were just recently changed, we learned.

On Friday Phil and Teresa hosted a cookout for all the tenants of the building, including a woman downstairs that they know from Wisconsin somehow, a Swiss couple upstairs, and the kindly elderly landlord. It was a good time. I provided the soundtrack, playing my iPod on tinny, nearly inaudible speakers.

On Saturday my friend Jason, who graduated with me in Print Media at Crabrook, came down from Salem with his girlfriend Emily to drive us around. Once again, Shannon provides the best description of events. It was a blast seeing him again, and I felt like I was observing him a little more in his element. His lenticular public art piece on the silver line is awesome.

On Sunday we went downtown on our own and walked part of the freedom trail. We also ate at Cheers (aka Bull & Finch) and walked around Boston Common. A very good day.

I walk on my shoes sideways, maybe because of the shoes, which are falling apart, or maybe because I just walk that way, although I didn't always. At any rate, I think I need new shoes.

Good things:

Today Phil and Teresa made jambalaya, which we all had for dinner. Yum!
In two weeks we're going to see Cat Power at the MFA. Yes!
I have an illustration gig. It won't pay much and I don't know if I'm allowed to announce who it's for yet, but I'm excited about doing it. I made my first illustration today and am pretty pleased with it. It will probably show up on Flickr soon.

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