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Monday, August 14, 2006

Boston: day one

We have arrived in Boston.

But about the weekend: the Comet Center where Shannon is director opened on Friday with much success and community support. Pictures are here. On Saturday we helped make mints at Shannon's aunt Amy's house for Dustin & Katie's upcoming wedding, then came back for dinner later that night. On Sunday Shannon organized and ran the wedding shower for Katie, with a pharmacy/drug theme. I was not in attendance but I heard that a good time was had. Then we went to Delhi with Shannon's mom and sister to hang out with relatives at a cabin there. This morning we were dropped off at the Dubuque airport.

The weather is pleasantly warm here (cool now, in the evening). We've just been sitting around talking, cooing over Naomi, and we went for a nice walk before making dinner (barbecue chicken + green beans + corn = familiar goodness). We like it here and are totally stoked to get to hang out with Phil, Teresa, and Naomi for almost a month. Tomorrow is the start of our most important reason for being here: taking care of Naomi while Phil and Teresa are at work.

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