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Saturday, August 5, 2006


Went home last weekend for the first time in about a year. The occasions were my Mom and Dad's birthdays (September 9 and October 30, respectively) as well as my niece Naomi's baptism.

The birthday party was great. Tons of people showed up, family and neighbors and local friends. Shannon and I made the decorations, Ted and Lorri organized the thing overall and made all the food (which was delicious - I must get recipes). It was good to see everybody, especially my family, whom I hadn't seen since Christmas. We got to hang out with Kate a little more, since she stayed with us one night at Mary's house (because Mom & Dad's was a little crowded). Mary has an awesome heated pool, so we lazed around there with Mary and Jean (my godmother).

Kate played us a cd of catchy songs she made in Garage Band; she asked me to do a remix of one of them, so I will.

My parents.

So we finally got to meet Naomi! She is amazing. Shannon learned how to swaddle Naomi and turn her into a glowworm. It makes her (Naomi) surprisingly content. Phil was excited to show us all kinds of "tricks" he's figured out or read about to comfort the baby. One attempted technique that didn't stop her crying prompted my uncle Henry (or maybe it was Papa) to say "better try another one!"

I chose the photo more flattering to Naomi than to me, although it's hard to take a bad picture of her.

The baptism was nice, taking place in the church's beautiful baptistry.

Naomi + parents + grandparents + great-grandfather.

This post is kind of jumbled, I apologize. I have either too few details or too many.

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