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Friday, June 23, 2006

Crafts and Cats

Today we had "Paint Your Plate" at the craft gym, where people could come in and paint some ceramics. Two kids and one adult showed up, and we had a good time. I painted a peep-yellow bunny and started to paint a metallic-green turtle on a skateboard.

Boo (one of our two cats) went missing for about thirty hours. We let him out the door on Wednesday afternoon and he didn't come back all night. Last night around 11pm we heard him mewing at the door, so we let him in. Pi (the other cat) started hissing at him, which was completely unexpected since they're siblings and they've always gotten along till now. Pi continues to do this every time they're in close proximity. What's going on here? Was Boo abducted by aliens and replaced by an evil clone, and only Pi can tell the difference? Or is Pi just a bitch?

Still haven't heard back about the job. Got to get something else going.

I'm going to clean up the house a little.

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