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Sunday, May 21, 2006

weekend trip

Went up to the Twin Cities this weekend. On Friday we went to the Mall and did a bit of shopping (I don't remember if we bought anything), then had dinner at la casa de Shannon's friends Katy and Jessie, where we had yummy spaghetti and salad and played some games that had us all cracking up. Shannon's face hurt from smiling. There were I think seven of us - I was the only boy. We spent Friday and Saturday night at Anne's house. We met her new beau Mougaas (sp?) who we keep accidentally calling Magoo or Mogley (he goes by his last name).

We had brunch with them on Saturday at the Egg & I. Then Shannon and I drove around MPLS getting frustrated, trying to find MCAD's grad show. We eventually found it at the Soo Visual Arts Center. A couple pieces were pretty good. In their shop/gallery we found a set of prints that we liked, so we bought it. After realizing that Anne, who is not an artist, owns more art than we (artists) do, it felt good to start our art collection. Surprisingly, someone I know from Cranbrook had drawings for sale at the same gallery. Fun! We also went to the Body Worlds exhibit at the science museum. It was pretty cool, and reminded me of things I had forgotten in anatomy class.

Today we went to IKEA and got some good stuff and got ideas for our house. I need to redouble my efforts to find a job in the Cities - it's such a great place and I know we'd love to live there again.

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