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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Noami pics

Got a Silver Jews CD in the mail today as well as two mix CDs from MB. Called about a (different) local job but positions were already filled. Still, I'm hopeful about two applications I'm sending out today. I would like to get out of the job I'm in simply for the fact that it's sweltering, and it's not even that hot out yet. Also I would like to exercise my mind more than my body. But I am feeling very good today. Steaks are marinating in the fridge; I'm waiting for Shannon to get home from camp orientation (another effortlessly attained part-time job of hers) so we can cook 'em.

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so i asked shannon to make me a shirt... and then i thought, hey i need more than one shirt, i'll ask bryce too. so can i commission a shirt? i have some requests...make it longer than a baby t but not a dress. i don't want to swim. what do you think? email me with your co$t. if you don't have my email i'm sure you know who you can get it from. ha ha..

by Blogger jazz at 6:00 PM