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Friday, March 31, 2006


Got a text message from Erch this afternoon saying he just saw Ayami get married. I messaged back "What?!?" (April 1st is tomorrow.) His reply confirmed it. I called him, and I guess they've been engaged since Christmas (thanks for telling me, cranberries). Half a dozen or so Cranbrook people were at the courthouse to represent. So, congratulations to Ben and Ayami!

Today we began dogsitting Trish and Richard's dog Abby. Shannon has a photo or two. I worked on some drawings for Richard's new album and we went to the fish fry at the high school. It was yummy. I feel like I've been here a while now because I was at the fish fry a year ago, even though I was just visiting on a break (I have lived here since last May). There was an art show of K-12 artwork. Some of it was really good. There were some lifesize sculptures made of plastic wrap - they reminded me somewhat of George Segal. We had no idea how they were made until we asked a student, who explained that they wrapped the plastic around themselves in parts, then removed themselves and taped off the plastic, leaving air inside.

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