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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Ease on down the road

Last Friday was the opening for the chair show in the forum gallery. The show came down on Monday and will go back up at the CAID next week.

Mike and Aaron

Mike was in town, so he came to the opening. I also showed him my studio and he played around with some of my cutout drawings.

I don't think I've previously plugged Mike and his boyfriend Noah's tshirt business, Imperfect Articles, but now I am. Several of the designs are by current or former Cranbrook students.

I went home for Easter and it was fun. It went by really quickly since I didn't get home till Saturday afternoon and had to leave for school again on Monday morning. But I had a good time hanging with the fam, especially my sisters. Joy and I played a little X-Men, Kate and I talked about music.

First year reviews started yesterday. Sculpture and 3D were yesterday, Painting and Fiber today. There was a lot of really impressive work all around. I am jealous.

I went for a walk yesterday while the weather was nice and took some pictures around Cranland.

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