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Wednesday, March 9, 2005

Drawing / walking

We had a figure drawing session last night in the installation space near my studio. It was a pretty good turnout of eight people. The model was good, if a little too talkative. What's weird is that I saw him at church last month, the second time I went. He was sitting in the pew behind me, but I don't think he recognized me.

Today I went out for coffee with Addie. It's good to talk to her; she strikes a good balance between talking about herself and being interested in other people. We talked about our work mostly.

When I was walking by the Triton pools yesterday, the melted snow had refrozen into sheets of ice on the sidewalk, and I slipped and fell on my ass while I was calling somebody, making my phone break into three pieces and slide away from me. But the phone was ok. Today I was a little more careful. As I walked by the ice everywhere, I could hear it cracking as it melted, the sound coming randomly from every direction. It was amazing.

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